Welcome to The Business DevelopmentĀ Jumpstart

A twelve week experienceĀ that will jumpstart the growth of your practice. Discover the six-part framework that will eliminate the fog and put you on courseĀ to creating the practice and work life you always envisioned.

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Here’s what the twelve week Jumpstart experience includes.

  • 12 Core Content videos -- dropped in your inbox weekly.
  • 12 Jumpstart exercise worksheets -- accompanying each Core Content video
  • Jumpstart Lab -- monthly sessions — via Zoom, focused on vetting ideas and problem solving
  • Access to the BDJ Tool Box — forms, templates and processes to accelerate your efforts
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Eliminate the Fog

Gain crystal-clarity around what to do, where to show up and how to connect with prospects that turn into the clients you always envisioned serving. 

Be Where it Counts When It Counts

Stop wondering how to be in the right place at the right time. Be confident that you're on track to connect and engge the clients you covet.

2X Your Revenue

Spend less time wrestling with how to grow. Focus instead on a framework that will grow your revenue each year, and build your dream practice.

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Access to the 12-Week Business Development Jumpstart is $325 -- about the cost of a morning beverage every day for 12 weeks. Enroll today, and eliminate the fog that clouds the vision you have for your practice.

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Why I created The Business DevelopmentĀ Jumpstart

"I've spent thirty years working with lawyers, accountants, consultants and other service providers. For many -- maybe most --Ā the idea of having to do marketing, client development and sales were not part of the vision. Rather, these essentials are often the source of powerful headaches and sleepless nights. The Business Development JumpstartĀ is designed to eliminate the fog that clouds direction, and give service providers a framework for growing the bottom line." -- Eric Fletcher

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What Professional Service Leaders have to say.

Patrick Fuller

Eric always brings critical thinking, an ability to communicate and actionable advice to the table. 

Lynn Bjostad

Eric educates, challenges and inspires with clear communication and clear insights focused on growth.

Rick Davis

Eric consistently delivers. He knows more about creating solid profitable growth than anyone I know.

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